I set out to build the finest gear in the world. The pieces available here reflect that commitment. These custom, handmade leather cuffs range in price from $125 up to about $2200, depending on the amount, quality, and cost of the precious metals, semi-precious stones, Abalone and Mother of Pearl inlays, leather and long hours of labor required to deliver what many world class, hard-working hard-playing folks feel kinda naked without. No expense has been spared in the building of your new cuff and you will know it the moment you touch it. This gear has been battle tested, around the globe, by the best. The cuff you fall in love with here will be with you for many years to come. Every jeweled piece here is one of a kind. While some styles may be similar, and while stones and hides may vary drastically in character, the quality of craftsmanship found here does not.

Please be aware that while I continue to add to the available online collection as I build them, these pieces are one-off, custom, unique pieces. As such is the jeweled cuffs available here are sold on a first come, first served basis. I may not circle back to a specific color, stone, or style for long stretches of time … and the waiting period for custom work can be long at times. The voice of experience inspires me to say this : Avoid the tears: If you know it’s yours, best not to wait, pull the trigger now!

All custom pieces are shipped with tracking provided and signature confirmation is required in order to ensure the safe delivery of your new gear.

Warrior Cuff - Turquoise - Black Leather

$ 1,450.00

Warrior Cuff - Turquoise - Brown Leather

$ 1,450.00

Warrior Cuff - Turquoise - Cognac Leather

$ 1,450.00