Joshua B. C. Hoy

The Raven exists to me as the messenger between two worlds –between the unseen world of spirit, imagination and dreams - and the physical world we move through every day. To me the Raven is the symbol of the Messenger, the carrier of the message that sparks inspiration. In my personal mythology Raven exists as the hauntingly beautiful, inexplicable harbinger of synergy and serendipity, of the electric, luminous, irrepressible creative impulse and of the call to listen to the whispers of our own deepest intuitions and make real that which we can imagine. My path as an artist has always been one of passion. It’s not like there was really a choice involved, but rather a long, continuous unfolding of the obvious and irrepressible impulse to create. If I’m not creating, it feels as though the sun has gone out. I have given my life to this call. I build every piece as if I, or someone I love was going to be crowned in it, buried in it or married in it. True attention to detail seems thin on the ground these days – not because it is not out there, but because the commitment to true quality and the sparing of no expense required to create something truly exquisite, is often lost in this cheap-and-fast, mass-production-for-profit oriented era. This is true in terms of both attention and intention, as well as resources. Setting out to make the best has cost me immeasurably in both time and treasure over the years … and I wouldn’t change a thing. I strive for this and I enjoy the hard work. I believe in a return to Craftsmanship, plain and simple. My deepest gratitude and respect goes out to my fellow artists, creators and Makers of all ilk, and to my ever-expanding circle of friends, patrons and collectors who continue to wear and to live in, and with, my life’s work every day.

Thank you for your appreciation and support of my work. I’m honored to be traveling the path with you, with such a hard-working, hard-playing, fiercely passionate, loving and dedicated Tribe."